Linguistics and related disciplines addressing language have achieved much progress in the last two decades, but improved interdisciplinary communication and interaction can significantly boost this positive trend.

The present project opens new perspectives by adopting an integrative approach. It groups together some of leading French research teams in theoretical and applied linguistics, in computational linguistics, and in psycholinguistics.

Through collaborations with prestigious multidisciplinary institutions (CSLI, MIT, Max Planck Institute, SOAS...) the project aims at contributing to the creation of a Paris School of Linguistics, a novel and innovative interdisciplinary site where dialogue among the language sciences can be fostered, with a special focus on empirical foundations and experimental methods and a valuable expertise on technology transfer and applications.

The Laboratory “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics” (EFL) aims to support motivation for sharing of linguistic data, empirical methods and theoretical frameworks among all the linguistics fields, and more particularly among top-level Parisian language scientists specializing in phonetics and phonology, syntax, morphology and language typology, psycholinguistics, natural language processing and computational semantics.