Labex Dynamo

DYNAMO aims to understand the supramolecular organization of the energy transducing apparatuses of both mitochondria and chloroplasts.

This Labex has three major research objectives.

It aims to:

  • better understand how the modes of gene expression found in mitochondria and chloroplasts differ from those prevailing in the prokaryotic world from which they hail;
  • understand the biogenesis of these organelles and their  membrane dynamics;
  • identify the molecular basis of regulatory mechanisms that govern the contribution of these organelles to cellular bioenergetics at the structural and functional level.
DYNAMO provides the students it hosts access to a theoretical and methodological training on issues of intracellular bioenergetics, molecular modeling, microbiology, photobiology, membrane biology and biomimetic chemistry. Partner laboratories of the Labex host students and post-doctoral fellows who bring to this scientific project their creativity and enthusiasm for the challenges of intracellular bioenergetics.