The DCBIOL Labex gathers eight teams from the Institut Curie in Paris and three from the Center of Immunology of Marseille-Luminy It focuses on the study of the biology of dendritic cells. These latest, patrol boats of the organism, allow to our immunity system to react to pathogens agents, infected cells or cancerous cells. In 1973, the discovery of dendritic cells was worth to Ralf Steinmann the Nobel Price of Physiology and medecine. Sebastian Amigorena and Bernard Malissen, Labex coordinators, introduced this program convinced that if cell biology was much betterunderstood, it will be possible to use their capacities in order to develop treatments against cancer.

After many exchanges, during several months, and a first organisation and planning meeting on Feburary 2013, the Labex was officially started in autumn 2013 by the Kick-off meeting of the 15th and 16th October. One hundred participants were there for two days of intensif working in the Institut Curie. From the 20th November 2013, the first course on the biology of dendritric cells was organised, setting up by the Labex members to broadcast considerably the newest knowledge on cells which have a strong therapeutic potential. Two days and a half course were given by 17 French and International experts to 50 participants. But Naturally, the heart of the Labex bits in laboratories on " the lab bench". The most part of the Labex budget is built on taking the best from platform equipments available in Paris and Marseille. Biologists have already started to develop animals models necessary for their works. Bioinformaticians are working apart to setting up the datas necessary to the collection and the analysis of all the information and discoveries which will be done during these next years.

The first result on this reaserch succeeded on the 10th of Feburary 2014 by the submission of Ana-Maria Lennon Duméril of an european patent application ( N° EP 14305172)