As part of the French Investment for the Future Initiative, the BRAIN project (Bordeaux Region Aquitaine Initiative for Neuroscience), led by Daniel Choquet has been selected as a cluster of excellence LabEx.

This highly competitive award aims to reinforce international attractiveness of French laboratories, by structuring local sites and giving the opportunity to realize very high level scientific projects. Therefore, 25 teams from 5 different institutes in Bordeaux received a total amount of 20M€ for 10 years. 

Recent advances in the understanding of brain function are breaking down barriers that existed between the different areas of neurosciences. To be competitive, Neuroscience research must tend towards transversality between molecular, systemic, behavioral and clinical levels of analysis. The Aquitaine Neuroscience community has a critical mass of expertise and recognition at the international level on all these levels. The approach initiated in 2008 with the Neurocampus project has begun to formalize the consolidation of neuroscience teams towards a global and coherent strategy. The BRAIN project will bring them to a further level of excellence and recognition by favoring the integration and dissemination of research as well as accelerating the rate of discoveries.