AMADEus Ambition
The overall ambition of AMADEus is to become a worldwide-recognized major cluster in materials science, engineering and technology, carrying out scientific research and innovation at the interfaces of chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.

Advanced MAterials by DEsign
Materials are key components for the products manufactured by almost all industrial sectors. In fact, many 21st century innovations will depend on the development of new materials, with increasingly stringent demands on their intrinsic properties, costs, processing conditions, and on their impact on human health and the environment.

With the highly experienced research team in this LabEx, we expect to achieve major break-throughs in three main fields; (i) Organic electronics, in order to switch from silicon-based to organic semiconductors, which are much more flexible and can be formulated in the form of inks; (ii) Metamaterials, which are artificial composite materials with extraordinary electromagnetic and acoustic properties; and (iii) Bioactive materials, which may serve as matrices to conduct tissue regeneration, and to support cell transplantation in implants by means of tissue engineering.

As UBx boasts a unique combination of renowned scientific competences materials design, synthesis, characterization and system integration, we now have a real opportunity to create added value materials with a high knowledge content, new functionalities and improved performance.

Innovate for tomorrow’s materials
Already responding to our future needs and challenges for advanced materials
The AMADEus team will focus their efforts on 3 Key Transversal Competences to meet the first 3 Targeted Research Challenges sharing common tools: the synthesis of high purity and high precision components, the study of complex fluid behavior far from equilibrium, the self-assembly control of complex fluids and the development of 2D and 3D printing processes.