Kingston University

Centres of Research Excellence
These are our established research groupings – our pillars of research strength. Our Centres provide a stimulating and supportive environment that nurtures the highest quality research. Each Centre acts as a hub for researchers, from students to professors, ensuring a dynamic, sustainable research base and active knowledge sharing.

Research centres, groups, institutes and clusters
We have many other active research centres, groups, institutes and clusters. Some of these carry out very specialist research and sit within larger Centre structures; others are more fluid in nature. Groups of researchers may come together to work on particular projects or to pursue emerging areas of enquiry. Over time a grouping may grow and become recognised as a Centre of Research Excellence.

Research in faculties
Although research at the University is often multidisciplinary, the faculties have an important role in the management and communication of research. Find out more on the dedicated faculty research pages.

  •     Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture
  •     Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  •     Kingston Business School and Law School
  •     Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
  •     Faculty of Science, Engineering and Computing