Karlshochschule International University

What we do
Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe is an innovative foundation university with a cultural orientation. With its central idea of "Management. Anders. Denken", the University aims to make a critical contribution to traditional economic approaches. Cultural, social, and business studies are rendered fertile grounds for management studies, with an interpretative and qualitative focus on research and teaching (Bachelor, Master, PhD).

The "Karls" is characterized by room for debates and interdisciplinary exchange, for inspiration and playful exploration, for challenging and for thinking further: those who push their limits will feel right at home with us. And we hope that in so doing, you will enjoy challenging research and are keen to work with committed students.

What we stand for
We act on the assumption of the educational ideal of an educated young person with multifaceted interests, who

  • is willing to assume responsibility, believes that leadership is an opportunity to serve others and society,
  • is capable of changing his/her point of view and questioning his/her own construction of reality, on the basis of sound know-how and a broad academic education,
  • is able to look "behind the scenes" of what seems to be self-evident,
  • is willing to cross inner and outer borders and open to new and foreign experiences
  • and, thus, in the spirit of life-long learning, has acquired the ability of independently developing his/her personality.
We act on the assumption of the ideal of a university that - literally - considers itself a service provider for the students, the economy and society, that, through its competitive orientation, seismographically detects developments and trends and integrates them into its research and teaching - thus becoming a marketplace for the requirements of those who have a demand for education on the one hand and the requirements of those who have a demand for qualified employees on the other.