International PhD Programme “Literary and Cultural Studies” (IPP)

The International PhD Programme offers a three-year doctoral programme in literary and cultural studies of high academic standard and designed to ensure optimum conditions for pursuing your PhD.
The International PhD Programme "Literary and Cultural Studies" (IPP) was launched in 2002. Initially funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the IPP has been financed by JLU since the expiration of the DAAD’s maximum funding period in 2007. The IPP has proved an integral part of the Giessen Graduate School for the Humanities (GGK) and a pioneering model for internationalisation in postgraduate education in Germany. The International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) and the European PhDnet "Literary and Cultural Studies" build on the experience and expertise of the IPP as well as on the structures and networks it has established.

The IPP offers a clearly structured and research-oriented three-year doctoral programme of high academic standard. Its curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of postgraduate students and facilitates the completion of the doctoral degree within three years, while at the same time ensuring the academic quality of the PhD. Participating departments include English and American Studies, German Studies, Romance Studies, Slavic Studies, Comparative Literary Studies and Theatre Studies. The languages of instruction are English and German.

Set in an intellectually stimulating and international context, the IPP provides ample opportunity for developing an academic profile and acquiring transferrable skills in close cooperation with the GGK/GCSC Career Service and Teaching Centre. Extensive supervision and mentoring structures for German and international postgraduate students will ensure that your time in the IPP will be well-spent!