Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC)

Welcome to the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC). Our Institute was created in 1994 by Pierre Chambon, one of the most important figures in biomedical research, and is now one of the main European research centres in this domain. In France, it is the largest research unit, involving the Inserm, CNRS and the University of Strasbourg. In addition to its four scientific programs, the IGBMC has developed advanced scientific services and technological platforms for internal use, but also open to the wider scientific community. The Institute aims to develop interdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, biochemistry, physics and medicine, but also to attract students from around the world by offering very high-level education in the field of biomedical sciences. The IGBMC campus is located on the "Parc d'Innovation d'Illkirch" in the Strasbourg suburbs, which represents an exceptional scientific, academic and industrial environment and largely favours collaborations and technology transfer. This website has been developed so that everyone, scientist or layperson, can have access to pertinent information. This new interface also supports the new orientations of the Institute, which aim to develop its visibility and its attractivity in France and abroad.