We are a bank for young and old, for rich and poor, for freelancers, SMEs, large business, institutions and corporate clients. At ING we want to enable all kinds of people and companies to realise their dreams for a better future − no matter how big or small those dreams may be.

We appreciate that our customers don’t always think of their ideas and ambitions in a banking context. If you ask a businessman about his company, for example, he will tell you about his new factory but not about the loan used to finance. If you dine out with friends, they will remember the conversations you had over dinner but not the card payment transaction at the end of the meal. That’s why we show people possibilities and opportunities, so that they can ensure they are well prepared for what might happen later on in life or business. And we always do that based on a partnership of equals.

In order to be able to provide our customers with the right support in making financial decisions, we need to know what they want to achieve. We feel a close involvement with our customers and give them insight into their financial situation. And we make banking easier for them, such as through new mobile technology. Moreover, we always make it clear what we can and can’t offer them.

The world is changing at an increasingly fast pace and that requires us to be flexible, distinctive and competitive. Hence, innovation is another of our top priorities. Especially since we want to enable people to take the next step and anticipate the future, we must be good at that ourselves too. Furthermore, we consider it very important to contribute to a sustainable society.

So that we can continue to help our customers turn their dreams into reality, we need forward-thinking employees who can improve their own future and that of those around them. Employees who show plenty of imagination and determination, and who never stop working on their own development. Employees who fulfil their own potential and in doing so contribute to a better future for themselves, our customers and society as a whole.