IIER – Institute for Integrated Economic Research

The Institute for Integrated Economic Research is a non-profit research organization focused on developing an unbiased view of global economic processes
IIER is a research institute founded in 2007 with the objective of creating an integrated science of macro-economic systems. Our research is aimed at establishing models for a new era of economic development, as well as providing decision support for policy makers, companies and individuals alike. In doing so we are independent and not oriented towards profits. IIER is organized as a transatlantic co-operation between three legally independent non-profit organizations, based in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Switzerland.

Our focus is on researching the macro-economy as a 'human ecosystem' in a broader sense than it is typically handled anywhere else. Our research provides knowledge and modelling capacity of natural resource dynamics as driven by physics, biology and chemistry in relation to socio-economics and human behavior.

Our core effort today is the creation of a computer model to simulate which investment, planning, and policy decisions, to solve 21st century challenges. The model seeks to simulate the behaviour of companies and people and their use of material and energy resources in a region with several million people. It re-creates in the computer the “human ecosystem” where many complex human driven interactions lead to the production and consumption of resources in many different forms. 

The model’s foundation is a thorough understanding of how goods and services are produced from a technology and resource conversion perspective, and from mine-mouth, recycling, biosphere, and remanufacturing starting points.