Hull York Medical School

We are small and friendly, but we punch above our weight. Despite being only ten years old, we have a strong reputation as an undergraduate medical school, consistently ranking in the top ten in the UK. Our innovative curriculum emphasises modern teaching methods, a solid grounding in the sciences and regular clinical experience. We continue to increase the opportunities we offer to our students -- especially in the area of intercalated degrees. You can find out more about these activities in our Undergraduate area. We are also developing a biomedical sciences degree to start in 2014.

Alongside this, we're developing our postgraduate opportunities. We have launched a range of higher degree programmes, short courses and professional development opportunities over the last few years. We have a thriving Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education, and an MSc in Human Evolution due to start in September 2012. Information about all our offerings can be found in our Postgraduate area.

One of our aims is to deliver improvements in healthcare for the people of our region, not only by training doctors but also by translating the latest medical research into clinical practice. Our research collaborations harness existing strengths in our parent universities and the NHS, and we've already had some groundbreaking results which are highlighted in our Research area. If you’re interested in taking on the challenge of a PhD, the opportunities for postgraduate research students are increasing rapidly on the back of our research successes.

Finally, our alumni community is active and growing. Five cohorts of HYMS junior doctors have graduated since 2008 and they're now working in hospitals and general practices across the UK, with two thirds choosing to undertake their specialist training in our local region.