HP Labs

HP Labs is the research engine of HP.

At HP Labs, we value technical leadership from people who are experts in their fields. Researchers at HP Labs work with peers in companies and academia on some of the hardest problems facing our industry today.

HP is a technology company to the core, and HP Labs is at the centre of innovation in HP. HP Labs’ newest programme ‘The Machine’ is reinventing the future of computing with new computing architectures, technologies and software that fundamentally change the way we build and use computers, bringing new power to bear on the internet and the data-scale problems we face.  http://www.hpl.hp.com/research/systems-research/themachine/

HP Labs is passionate about making our research real - driving technology to commercialisation in the areas most important to our customers and society. Researchers at HP labs combine research with advanced development to create prototype systems and software, creating solutions that transform data into value, bytes into experiences, noise into knowledge. We take our technologies from prototype to near market-ready, co-investing with HP businesses to deliver new capabilities for HP and our customers.

We invest across HP's strategic pillars – infrastructure, cloud, security and big data and in key areas such as network function virtualization, mobility, and future computing platforms and systems.

We look at emerging trends to understand where our industry - and our world - is headed, invest in a forward-looking, ambitious research agenda for tomorrow, and build a pipeline to fuel the next generation of HP products, services and solutions, delivering breakthroughs that can transform current businesses and create new ones.

We have a number of positions available at our research lab in Bristol and we invite you to come and join us and be instrumental in driving technical innovation and adoption at HP.