Hólar University College

 Hólar University College is a growing institution offering quality graduate and undergraduate education and a strong research programme. The institution is an internationally recognised centre for education and research in three highly specialized fields; equine science, aqua-culture and aquatic biology, and tourism studies.

Hólar University College aims to enhance knowledge and professionalism in the economic sectors and cultural activities related to its fields of specialisation. The institution contributes significantly to the academic and professional communities both locally and globally by high standards in teaching, vigorous research programs, strong industry relations and active transnational collaboration. Hólar University College offers excellent research and study facilities.

Currently there are three academic departments:
Aquaculture and fish biology,

Equine studies

Rural Tourism 
Programme curricula
Upon graduation all candidates receive a Diploma Supplement, issued in a widely spoken European language (English), free of charge.
An example of such a DS is to be found here.

Guest Studies
The University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri, the Agricultural University of Iceland and Holar University College on 5 December 2011 reached an agreement on increased reciprocal access to courses taught at the individual institutions. The objective is to facilitate and encourage students to become guest students at other public universities.

Guest studies, as defined by the agreement, are studies (courses) completed outside the student's home institution. Aguest student is a student registered at a given public university (home institution) who is permitted to register for individual courses at another public university (receiving institution), without paying any registration fees there, provided that the student has already paid the annual registration fee at the home institution. Both institutions have to approve the student's application for guest studies.

The home institution is responsible for the student's academic record and ensures that courses completed by the student at the receiving institution will be evaluated as part of his or her qualification (university degree) at the home institution. The home institution also provides information on the student's study progress to the Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LIN), when applicable. The agreement grants the home institution and the receiving institution permission to exchange information on the student's study record, if necessary.

Admission Criteria and Attendance Requirements
As a general rule, an undergraduate student must have completed at least one year of studies at the home institution before being entitled to apply to become a guest student. When suitable, the home institution can also specify the minimum number of ECTS credits a student must complete before gaining the right to apply for guest studies. Guest students must furthermore fulfill any demands made regarding prerequisites or required preparation for individual courses. Should the institutions need to exert enrolment restrictions for individual programmes or courses, guest students may also have to fulfill additional requirements. Moreover, guest students must comply with the requirements made in each case regarding attendance and participation in classes. Students should note that distance education cannot be taken for granted as the mode of delivery for guest studies.

Information on Distance Education
| University of Iceland  | University of Akureyri  | Agricultural University of Iceland  |   Applying to Become a Guest StudentA student wishing to become a guest student at another public university shall submit a formal application for guest studies to the respective faculty or academic office of his or her home institution, no later than 15 August for the Autumn semester and by 15 December for the Spring semester. Students should bear in mind that the examination periods of the home institution and the receiving institution may overlap, i.e. examinations at both institutions may take place at the same time.(Application Form - Guest Studies)Completion of Guest StudiesHaving finished his or her guest studies, the student must request a certified transcript of courses completed at the receiving institution, to be presented to the home institution.