Harper Adams University

Higher education and research for the delivery of a sustainable food chain and rural economy.

Our Vision

  • An institution that is closely related to the needs of the rural economy and industries reliant upon the rural economy, with a specific commitment to sustainable agriculture, re-establishing connections between food producers and consumers, knowledge transfer to support the rural economy and the international dimension of environmental and food chain sustainability
  • The development of national and international markets for students from a wide range of backgrounds wishing to specialise in rural subjects, with associated course and pedagogic developments
  • A learning environment and promotion of a student culture that enhance personal development and employability
  • Strong industry links that add business relevance to the University's role in higher education and encourage lifelong learning
  • A central role for the University in generating and promoting innovation in the application of science and technological advances within the global agri-food chain and the wider rural sector
To achieve our mission and vision we will continue to employ a set of core values to underpin our work, and which will shape our future planning and policy developments, namely:
  • The development of intellectual and professional skills to enable individuals to realise their full personal, social and academic potential and to participate in lifelong learning.
  • A commitment to building partnerships with industry, the professions and the community to promote the transfer of knowledge.
  • A commitment to extend the boundaries of knowledge and understanding by conducting strategic and applied research.
  • The provision of support for the personal, academic and professional development of all members of the University community.
  • The development of the University's estate and educational resources to improve our learning environment.
  • The delivery of planning systems and a framework for governance and management that will provide a sustainable financial foundation for the work of the University.
  • An ethical approach to all activities in which the University and its staff are engaged, with special reference to the production of food and management of the environment.
Facts and Figures
Harper Adams currently has more than 4,000 students, with about 2,200 students on undergraduate and postgraduate awards, a number which is growing year on year.

Just as schools are assessed by OFSTED, every university goes through a rigorous independent quality assessment, conducted by The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). We are proud that the agency expressed 'confidence' in Harper Adams as an effective institution. Read the report in full and compare our results with other universities at www.qaa.ac.uk.