Hague University of Applied Sciences

About The Hague University of Applied Sciences
Looking at the world around you with open eyes: at The Hague University of Applied Sciences that is simply the norm. After all, it is by keeping its eyes wide open that a university of applied sciences can claim its place at the centre of society. That it can develop distinctive curricula to help students function confidently in a global society that is changing faster every day.

Every corner of the globe
Internationalisation is a prominent feature of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Students come from all corners of the globe to enrol in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes at one of our four campuses, many of them inspired by The Hague’s international reputation as a ‘City of Peace and Justice’.

A warm welcome
At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, ensuring that its diverse and international student body, faculty and staff feel welcome, safe and esteemed is of paramount importance. The institution is dedicated to offering its international student body the opportunity to successfully complete a study programme at university of applied sciences (HBO) level (even if this will require developing a customised curriculum) and to providing its faculty with ample opportunities for further professionalisation.

Establishing links
The principal aim of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is to provide high-quality education. Research contributes to this, and the institution’s research groups play an important role, establishing links between teaching, practice and applied research. Our students benefit from this approach, because they graduate as knowledge workers. Not only that, they graduate as citizens of the world, spurred by their eagerness to learn and self-learning capacity. Students who have graduated from our knowledge institution have learned to see the world with open eyes.