German Graduate School of Management & Law (GGS)

University for Management
The German Graduate School of Management and Law is a state-recognised private university. It has regional roots and orients itself in all it does on international top standards. We educate and further train business leaders in the subjects management and law. These managers then go on to create sustainable values for  companies and for society. As a research-intensive university we ourselves generate new knowledge on these subjects and work with the latest findings. As a relatively small and young university we offer flexibility and a very personal kind of cooperation as well as a modern infrastructure.

The Dieter Schwarz Foundation guarantees the long-term and secure future of our organisation.


  • Courses started at the then Heilbronn business school in the Neckarturm in Heilbronn with masters degrees from partner universities in January 2005
  • Institutional accreditization by the economic council on 07.07.2006
  • State-recognized university of applied sciences by the state Baden-Württemberg since 18.07.2006
  • Start of the MBA-Program of the GGS and the masters degree Business Law (LL.M.) in October 2006Start of the executive training and tailor-made company courses in October 2008
  • Graduation of the first “own” graduates in May 2009
  • Since June 2009 new name “German Graduate School of Management and Law, Heilbronn”
Our Mission

  • We educate and further train responsible business leaders in management and law to create sustainable values for their company and for society.
  • We research to bring about progress in management and law according to the international principles of good research. As well as individual research topics we work together on the core topic, the  »value-oriented leadership of business relations«.
  • We see ourselves as a think tank to generate new knowledge in management and law. We are active as a sparring partner and consultant for businesses.
  • We provide regional added value, are nationally visible and recognised and have an international presence.
Our Values
Responsible: We provide a contribution to sustainable entrepreneurial success and economic growth by teaching, research, further training and consulting. Our contribution is oriented towards both the employees of a company and society as a whole.
International: We orient ourselves in teaching and in research on the standards of quality and focuses of the leading international business schools. We do not lose sight of the international context with regional topics, either.
Demanding: We place high demands on ourselves and endeavour to meet them. To do this we commit ourselves to continually developing further to always give our best performance.
Solution-oriented: We seek solutions in all situations for all those involved and do not follow any dogmatic principles.  We are both internally and externally customer and service -oriented.
Regional: We have regional roots and provide a regional added value for the people and companies of the region.
Curious: We are a research-oriented university which is inspiring and future-oriented for all those who work with us.
Discursive: We appreciate and make use of controversial but constructive discussions with students, customers and partners as an important source of the progress of knowledge.