Furtwangen University

Furtwangen University (HFU) is one of Germany's leading universities and recognised for its excellence in the following areas:

  •         High quality and innovation in teaching
  •         Strong practical focus through collaboration with industry
  •         International focus
  •         Applied research
  •         Continuing education and lifelong learning
  •         Qualifications and motivation
  •         Social responsibility and safeguarding of the future
Furtwangen University's core focus is on science-based, practical education and training. Traditional boundaries between subject fields are removed in interdisciplinary projects. HFU is a leader in the specialist areas of engineering, computer science, information systems and management, engineering management, media, international business and health. The range of courses and programmes is constantly being improved to take account of innovative developments. We aim to offer forward-looking degree programmes to talented young people, awarding top-quality, accredited degrees which open up exceptional career opportunities. At the same time, we support the journey towards becoming responsible and competent individuals with the ability to identify and solve problems independently. Additionally, through application-oriented research and academic professional development, our university supports the next generation of scientists contributing to innovation and improved skills in business and society.

High quality and innovation in teaching
Our aim is to provide a high-quality, practical education with a strong scientific basis, leading to the award of highly-recognised academic qualifications. Our range of programmes includes undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses as well as professional training at the university level. In our bachelor's and master's degree programmes, the university teaches academic, technical, and methodological skills. We are continually improving our range of programmes and qualifications and use innovative teaching methods in an attractive learning environment. Studying at HFU provides students with interdisciplinary, application-oriented knowledge which they can draw on independently to develop the necessary skills for their future careers. Encouraging students to develop transferable skills strengthens their abilities and contributes to their own personal development as individuals.

Practical focus through cooperation with industry
As a source of innovation, the university understands the importance of cooperation and strong partnerships with industry. Ongoing knowledge exchange with our partners in companies and institutions guarantees a practical focus in teaching, research, and professional development. We also work with those partners to develop new study programme models as well as relevant funding programmes for our students.

International focus
We support international education and research by working in collaboration with universities and companies around the world. As a globally-minded, outward-looking university, HFU encourages international academic and cultural exchange between students and other university members. We develop our degree programmes with a focus on international opportunities and demands, and guarantee that our university degrees will be recognised around the world. The inclusion of international developments in our course content, the teaching of foreign languages and intercultural skills, and the provision of funding for travel abroad, all help to prepare graduates for work in an international environment. Our international profile is further strengthened by our international collaborations and partnerships around the world: study modules abroad; dual-degree agreements; recruitment of international students, staff, and professors; and international research cooperation agreements.

Applied research
Applied research and technology transfer in cooperation with our partners is essential as a catalyst for innovation and the sustained relevance of our teaching. Lecturers are actively involved in application-oriented research, development and project work ensuring the relevance and quality of course content. We enthusiastically support such activities and the resulting publications, and invite students and companies to actively participate in the research and take advantage of results.

Professional development and lifelong learning
Our university enthusiastically supports lifelong learning, offering continuing education courses for academic and professional qualifications. We explore new approaches and develop innovative, customer-oriented programmes and courses for companies, organisations, and graduates.

Qualifications and motivation
We cross boundaries: in cooperative work between students, staff, and professors; in interdisciplinary projects bringing together all areas of the university; and between teaching, research, and professional development. Our visiting lecturers act as important links between the university and industry. A focus on service, transparency, and continuous improvement characterises all processes at our university. Motivation, personal aptitude, professional dedication, and research and development experience all guarantee academic and technical competence.

Social responsibility and safeguarding of the future
Social responsibility, sustainability, and safeguarding the future are at the forefront of our goals. As a university, we provide our students with the necessary skills for forward-looking, sustainable action relevant to industry, the environment and in society as a whole. In addition, we actively support the balance of family and career and/or academic studies by creating a family-friendly culture for our employees and students.