French National Blood Service (EFS)

is the only civilian blood transfusion organization in France. Blood transfusion, to which the EFS has held exclusive rights since 2000, includes blood donation, plasma donation and platelet donation. The Etablissement Français du Sang guarantees the safety of the transfusion chain, from the donor to the receiver. It contributes to treating over 1 million patients each year. The Etablissement Français du Sang is present throughout the territory (including French overseas departments) with its 153 permanent collection venues and 40,000 mobile collections.
Set up on 1st January 2000 in compliance with the law that reformed the French transfusion system, the EFS is the only civilian blood transfusion organisation in France. Its role is to bring together the generosity of blood donors and patient requirements.

Regulated by the Ministry of Health, its primary mission, which is a public-service mission, consists of guaranteeing France's self-sufficiency in blood supply while maintaining optimum safety and quality conditions.
Solidly anchored throughout the French territory with 17 regional establishments, EFS supplies the needs of a million patients each year, thanks to the generosity of donors, the professionalism of its staff, and the will of a large network of volunteers.
EFS, therefore, manages the collection, processing, screening and distribution activities of labile blood products, and supplies over 2000 health establishments (hospitals and clinics) throughout France.
EFS also supplies plasma to the Laboratoire Français du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies (LFB) – a French biopharmaceutical group, which manufactures plasma derivatives.
Beyond its core purpose, EFS also carries out treatment and research activities in innovative fields, like cell and tissue therapy and engineering.