Fraunhofer IBP, Holzkirchen

The primary focus of the Fraunhofer IBP’s work is on research, development, testing, demonstration and consulting in the various specialist areas of building physics. These include areas such as noise control and sound  insulation measures in buildings, the optimization of acoustics in indoor spaces, and solutions for improving energy efficiency and optimizing lighting technology.They also include issues related to climate control and the indoor environment, hygiene and health protection, building material emissions,  weatherproofing and protection against heat and moisture, preservation of  building structures and the conservation of historical monuments. The  institute employs life cycle engineering methods to analyze the potential environmental, social and technical impacts of products, services and  processes. This enables us to evaluate and make lasting improvements  towards sustainability and to foster innovation processes. Our portfolio of building science services also includes building chemistry, building biology and hygiene, as well as cutting-edge work in the field of concrete technology. Our Kassel branch applies and builds on conventional methods of efficient energy use and provides key expertise in the development of building system components.