François Rabelais University

The Université François-Rabelais in Tours is a decisively European university that has established its campaign of actions within the Europe 2020 strategy, which aims to develop “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”. Through its higher education and research missions, the University of Tours plays a key role in research development and in raising the scientific, cultural and professional capacities of as many individuals as possible.

Open to the world, the Université François-Rabelais privileges cooperation and exchanges by actively participating in the establishment of the European Higher Education and Research Area that stems from the Bologna Process.

A multidisciplinary and health sector public establishment, the university has high potential and assets that ensure it fulfils European higher education and research standards. As an acknowledged leader in its economic, social and cultural environment, the Université François-Rabelais is a cutting-edge, innovational establishment that promotes humanistic values that are deeply rooted in a region overflowing with historical and cultural heritage.

The University of Tours endorses the following two mottos:

  • “One is not born as Man, one becomes Man” - Erasmus
  • “Knowledge without conscience is but the ruin of the soul” - François Rabelais
Welcome to our university!