FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure

Advancing Science is the motto of FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure. It expresses our dedication to further scientific knowledge. Our strategic goal is to support the entire process of scientific value creation by integrating content, technology, and services into a single information infrastructure. Our overarching objective is to strengthen knowledge transfer at the national and international levels and to actively support government subsidy programs for innovation.

Our lines of business include:
STN InternationalSM – The Global Leader in Research and Patent Information
The STN family of products encompasses a broad spectrum of databases in the natural sciences and technology. STN provides a unique web platform that enables universal searches of all databases maintained by Chemical Abstracts Service, Derwent World Patents Index® (DWPISM) and the INPADOC family of databases. The STN family of products combines industry-leading search and retrieval with unique and comprehensive content. Detailed search options make it possible to filter information with pinpoint accuracy and focus on business-relevant data. STN products integrate tools and analytic options along with the ability to obtain full-text versions (FIZ AutoDoc). Data protection, data security, and confidentiality have highest priority. STN products are relied on by patent offices around the world. STN – the choice of patent experts.

STN is jointly operated and furthered in a partnership between FIZ Karlsruhe and Chemical Abstracts Service CAS, based in Columbus, Ohio.

KnowEsis – Innovative e-Science Solutions
In today's world of science and business, cyberinfrastructure is assuming ever-increasing importance in determining how research is conducted, as well as in assuring its successful outcome. "Cyberinfrastructure" is a term that includes virtual work environments, online platforms for communication and collaboration, as well as convenient working tools and processes for analyzing, visualizing, managing, and archiving data. FIZ Karlsruhe specializes in developing cross-disciplinary digital infrastructure to support the entire research process (from the initial idea through experimentation, analysis, and data aggregation, all the way to publication). Our focus is on virtual research environments, hosting, and the long-term availability of scientific data.

A major example of our work in the business area KnowEsis is The German Digital Library (DDB).

Databases and Information Services
For over 35 years, FIZ Karlsruhe has been developing and operating databases and information portals for scientific communities, with a focus on:

  • Mathematics and Information Sciences
    A core product in this area is zbMATH, the world's most complete reference service for mathematical research, compiled by a global network of academics.
  • Crystallography and Chemistry
    In this area, the Inorganic Crystal Structure Database (ICSD) provides an important fund of basic information, e.g. for the material sciences and nanotechnology.
  • Energy
    The range of services in this area extends from databases for energy research to practice-oriented information, such as the BINE information service for the field of renewable energy.
Our target customers include:

  • Scientists at research organizations, universities, and firms
  • Information professionals at information and patent departments in academia and business
  • Information specialists at libraries and research centers
  • The information sector
  • The interested public
To encourage innovation and further develop our products and services, we collaborate closely with universities and research organizations in various areas, including confidential management of research data management, information acquisition, and information retrieval.