FHS St.Gallen University of Applied Sciences

With its broad offering, ranging from tutoring through applied research and development to consultancy and services, FHS St.Gallen contributes significantly to the development of the economy and society in Eastern Switzerland. Given FHS St.Gallen‘s emphasis on the five fields: SME management, innovation management, social spheres, inter-generational issues, and e-society, FHS St.Gallen is a strong partner for the professional world across regional boundaries. Moreover, with its four departments of business administration, social work, technical sciences and nursing & health care, FHS St.Gallen offers a solid foundation for a forward-thinking educational landscape.

Prepared to tackle the future – through a modern approach to studying, top-quality postgraduate studies and up-to-date research & development 

Vital issues of the future
FHS St.Gallen consistently focuses on providing solutions to future issues of regional and national relevance. This includes the promotion of small and medium-size businesses, sustainable innovation management, new forms of creating and structuring social areas, demographic changes and the recent developments in the areas of health care and nursing. Thanks to its interdisciplinary approach and its excellent networking contacts to both the business world and the general public, FHS St.Gallen acts as an important link between science and the workplace.

Modern approach to studying
Practical training, innovative creativity and a focus on interdisciplinary correlations are vital qualities that are taught at FHS St.Gallen. Students graduating from St. Gallen are versatile practitioners and lateral thinkers with a strong scientific background, which makes them highly sought after specialists and managers. Leading to an internationally recognised bachelor degree, the bachelor courses offered at FHS St.Gallen can be taken on either a full-time or part-time basis, or a combination of both. The bachelor courses cover a variety of study fields such as business, social work and health care.

Top-quality postgraduate studies
FHS St.Gallen is the competence centre for postgraduate studies in Eastern Switzerland, with its educational services including a wide range of master study courses in the areas of technology, business, social work and health care. Through master studies, postgraduate students can enhance their professional and management competencies. These studies also facilitate the acquisition of cross-functional competencies in the areas of management engineering and social informatics, for example. The shorter diploma (DAS) or certificate (CAS) courses are designed to upgrade skills and know-how and to enhance existing competencies. The graduates not only acquire compelling skills and recognised degrees, but also establish a useful network among peers and colleagues.

Current research & development
With its institutes and competence centres, FHS St.Gallen fulfils a vital function in applied research and development. FHS St.Gallen not only provides new scientific insights but also ensures that its research results transcend into the workplace. In fact, over the past two years, the individual institutes and competence centres realised in excess of 100 research and development projects commissioned by enterprises, organisations and the public sector, with individual projects always being geared towards a specific application. In some cases, the insights gained from these projects are even noted on a national or international level. The spectrum ranges from commissioned research to research cooperations with other universities or universities of applied sciences as part of national research programmes. It is therefore not only the students who benefit from access to the most up-to-date solution concepts, but also private enterprises and public institutions, to whom the latest research results are made available in the form of service projects, providing them with renewed momentum.