ELVESYS Innovation Center

The upcoming revolution of lab on chip is based on microfluidic technologies. The goal of the Elvesys team is to install, in France,  the seed of the future microfluidic valley.

In order to ensure the installation of this future microfluidic valley in France,  Elvesys :

  •  Developed and patented all external instruments which enable researchers to do research about lab on chip.
  •  Developed and patented the world fastest lab on chip technology for pathogen detection in small sample.
  •  Created every years in France a new microfluidic company using last discoveries coming from microfluidic labs
  •  Initiate and follow every year new scientific collaborations on key microfluidic topics with research laboratories all over Europe
  •  Train and support french researchers in microfluidic to create their own company in France
The microfluidic revolution
The ELVESYS Innovation Center® is convinced that microfluidic devices will revolutionize the field of analysis tools and diagnostics like micro-electronics changed the world of computer and IT. The first microfluidic systems were developed in the early 90’s. In less than one decade, the number of research groups and grants dedicated to the innovation in this area has surpassed the field of micro-electronics. The research and development of microfluidic devices represents more than 2000 thousands publications per year in peer reviewed journal.

From the "chip in the lab" to "the lab in a chip"
The ELVESYS Innovation Center® was originally based on the cooperation of three researchers in microfluidics. We believe that microfluidic expertise should now be invested in the development of innovative products. Together with a multidisciplinary team of mechanics, electronics and software engineers, our efforts are focused on the transfer of microfluidic systems from the lab to the final end user.

Innovative tools for microfluidic research
The development of lab on chip is based on a multidisciplinary approach which requires higher engineering skills when the complexity of the system increases. As regard to micro-electronics, microfluidics are much more demanding as you not only require to control electronic currents. Microfluidics require to control flow rates, but also the temperature, the chemical composition, interaction with surfaces, electro chemical potential, etc… One mission of the Microfluidic Innovation Center is to provide robust control systems that enhance the research capabilities of microfluidic researchers. We want them to focus on their research, rather than on their experimental setup.

Transfer to global instrumentation
Sciences like biology or chemistry can strongly benefit from microfluidic technologies to enhance their research capabilities. The acquisition and development of microfluidic devices for non specialists is one of the first steps toward microfluidic revolution. Before targeting B2C markets, the ELVESYS Innovation Center® invest in the fast transfer of microfluidic technologies to all researchers and engineers.

Microfluidic partnerships
Modern R&D is a combination of high level engineering and fundamental skills for research and understanding. When a project needs multidisciplinary engineering, the recruitment of industrial partners like the ELVESYS Innovation Center® can be more efficient than forcing academic partners to act as engineering subcontractors. Understanding and research on the microfluidic device, the heart of the system, is a clear mission of academic partners. Our goal is to provide a high quality and innovative know how that will make your microfluidic chip getting the suited jewel case and your research the best control and reproducibility.

Sharing microfluidic innovation
The mission of the ELVESYS Innovation Center® is also to develop innovative systems that enhance the performances of microfluidic applications. With 5 patent applications since 2010, The ELVESYS Innovation Center® is the leader of microfluidic innovation. The policy we adopt is to facilitate the dissemination of our development through systematic publication of our innovation and systematic licensing of our technology.  Our priority remains that every company can benefit from the microfluidic revolution as soon as possible. For SMEs that cannot sustain intern developments or larger companies that prefer to focus on their core know how, we also offer a large range of services from OEM products to custom developments.