Design Akademie Berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design

The design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design, equips the next generation of experts and leaders in Communication, Marketing, Advertising and Design.

Communication is an ongoing challenge and our teaching approach reflects this so that current and future needs can be met. By having direct access to visionary projects, you will develop the ability to think, behave and design with a forward-thinking approach. We stay close to changes in perception, to the speeding up of communication processes against a backdrop of opportunities, both socioeconomic and technological. What we are working on today is the blueprint for the media of the future.
More input, more practical experience, more opportunities more contact hours, more scope and subject areas, more expertise.Teaching sessions are supported by software and technical material of agency standard. Our classes in recording studios provide tuition in lighting, photography, film and audiovisual media, video and editing techniques. In our model studio we develop digital design and provide you with life-sized dimensions for interior design and authentic packaging design.
Strategy meets Design we teach communication as a complex, strategic process. We take a multidisciplinary approach, combining the strategic knowledge of marketing communication with the design possibilities of communication design. We sharpen students‘ faculty of perception for social, economic and cultural contexts. In doing this we take you far beyond the usual course content.
We motivate each and every one of our students and value, release and foster their potential. We communicate subject expertise, together with social and creative competencies, through a process of continuous feedback and individual support. One of our main objectives is to develop your sense of critical self-reflection.
Communication is an ongoing challenge and our teaching approach reflects this so that current and future needs can be met. The course takes a professional orientation with a focus on the real demands made on those who work on communication contracts. The qualification takes an academic approach as its basis. More than this. We keep a close watch on the constantly increasing demands being made of our graduates in their professional lives. We foster creativity and the desire to be experimental in order to be able to embrace the fast pace of change in communication. The highly qualified academics and speakers who teach with us all work in very close collaboration with one another and are drawn from agencies, publishers, research, the creative industries and the academic world. They consistently make practice and project work an integral part of their teaching. This approach to the courses reflects our understanding of what learning should be.