Centre d’Immunologie de Marseille-Luminy (CIML)

Breakthrough technologies and engineering

  • Large-scale immunophenotyping
  • Dynamic cell imaging
  • Functional genomics of C. elegans
  • Bioinformatics
  • Proteomics
  • Design and production of monoclonal antibodies 
A global culture

  • 185 scientists, students and post-docs of 24 nationalities, including 6 of the Centre’s 17 team leaders
  • A multidisciplinary campus at the gates of nature 
  • A 1000 hectares estate near the classified site of coves accommodates 10 000 students, 2 faculties, 6 grandes écoles and institutes, 32 research laboratories and 15 biotechnology companies, including four companies created on the initiative of Centre researchers
An open science
Lectures, books and films to popularise the discoveries, objects and issues of immunology

  • François Kourilsky: "Ingénierie de l’interdisciplinarité, un nouvel esprit scientifique", Editions l’Harmattan (2003)
  • Michel Fougereau: "L'immunologie"", Presses Universitaire de France (2001)
  • Bertrand Jordan: "Voyage around the genome", Inserm/John Libbey (1993), "Les imposteurs de la génétique", Seuil (2000), "Thérapie génique espoir ou illusion ?", Odile Jacob (2007)
  • Jean François Brunet, two documentary films co-produced with the director Peter Friedman: “Death by design”, Production ARTE, ZDF, les films du bouc, Strange Attraction ; "The life and times of life and times ", Production Films à Trois, La Sept ARTE, RTBF, Escapade
  • Sophie Ugolini & Eric Vivier: "Les cellules tueuses de l'immunité innée", Pour la Science n° 308 (2003)
  • Sophie Ugolini, Sophie Guia & Eric Vivier: "Nées pour tuer", Pour la Science n°368 (2008)