Center for Physiopathology of Toulouse-Purpan (CPTP)

The Physiopathology Center of Toulouse-Purpan (CPTP) is one of the first biomedical research centers created by INSERM in 2002. Very multidisciplinary (cancer, cell signaling, immunology, genetics) at the beginning, the CPTP has progressively evolved from an experimental stage to a rich and productive scientific environment. Strengthening of technological platforms has definitely played a key role in this maturation.

With the major reorganization of biomedical research in Toulouse in 2011, the CPTP has chosen to focus its research activities around three thematic axes identified as priorities by the University Toulouse III: Immunology, Inflammation and Infectious Diseases. The CPTP is now affiliated not only to INSERM but also to CNRS, the University Toulouse III, and, for one team, INRA.

Overall, 230 people work at the CPTP, including 70 researchers and research professors, 24 technicians and engineers with permanent positions, and 75 post-docs and PhD or MD/PhD students. The CPTP hosts several important technology platforms, including the animal facility, experimental histopathology, cell sorting and imaging. Each platform is managed by a dedicated engineer. In addition, fourteen technicians/engineers work for common units (secretarial / management, maintenance, computer, washing station and store) under the supervision of a Secretary General. The combination of an effective internal organization, dynamic and creative scientists and a strong technological know-how, has allowed us to create a highly stimulating and productive environment. Importantly, our location in a university hospital campus and our strong links with many medical disciplines are facilitating the emergence and implementation of translational research projects.