CEA Tech List

CEA LIST, a digital systems’ expert
Based in Saclay (Paris region, France), CEA LIST is a public research institute specialized in digital systems design. Its main mission is based on achieving excellence technological development on behalf of industrial partners for value creation.

100 industrial collaborations per year
CEA LIST institute counts more than 700 partners and every year more than a 100 partnership activities are being conducted with French and foreign industrial companies on applied research projects in four main topics:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Embedded systems
  • Ambient intelligence
  • Health ionizing radiations
Labeled as « Carnot Institute », CEA LIST invests every year 25% of its budget into scientific resourcing actions in order to identify better tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs.

CEA Tech as CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) Technological Research Division, gathers three specialised technological research institutes among which CEA LIST institute specialised on digital systems.

At a world class state-of-the-art
Our activity is based on three main pillars

  • Scientific excellence
CEA LIST research engineers dedicate a 100% of their time to R&D activities and publish their results into international leading conferences and scientific journals. Keeping a strong link with academic research, they base their research on world-wide state of the art.

  • The Culture of Industry
Our research teams are enlightened and motivated by a results-driven culture of projects, fixing themselves clear objectives to reach within committed deadlines and budgets. Each project launched by CEA LIST Institute is fully assigned to permanent and suited human resources. The project management is based on a precise calendar, identified milestones and a clear description of deliverables.
Research results confidentiality and intellectual property (patents) are defined by the parties in the collaboration agreement.

  • Opening to the world
CEA LIST Institute is fully integrated into a local and national particularly dynamic ecosystem through strategic academic, institutional and industrial partnerships.. In order to maintain the best level internationally in its fields of activity CEA LIST institute is also involved in more than 200 European collaborative projects, collaborates with leading foreign academic laboratories and conducts research activities at an international level, especially in the USA.