Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Welcome to Ca’ Foscari University. Since 1868 – when it was founded as the first Business School in Italy – Ca’ Foscari has always constituted a crossroads of studies, activities, people and events and an important cultural point of reference. Located in the very centre of Venice, one of Italy’s busiest maritime ports and by nature a crossroads for encounter and exchange, Ca’ Foscari University has always looked beyond national borders – as the levels of excellence it has reached in teaching foreign languages and the extensive, tight, international network of relationships it has developed demonstrate. The university’s high standards in teaching, research and innovation directed at the territory are met and integrated with an ample, wide-ranging offering of cultural events, numbering over 800 including conferences, exhibitions, film and theatre dates, destined not only for the university community but for the entire world as well. Herein lies the extra value for those who choose Ca’ Foscari.