BSP Business School Potsdam

We are a private, state-approved Management College in Berlin.
Business is looking for a younger generation of trained managers with a strong practical orientation who can see the bigger picture. That is why we offer an innovative range of studies with a focus on management and business as well as a range of interesting fields of application

A strong practical orientation is an important characteristic of your training: several project study phases at home and abroad are firmly integrated into your course of studies.
And not least, the special flair of Potsdam invites one to study: castles and gardens, an historic city centre and popular film and media productions make Business School Berlin Potsdam an attractive location for learning and research.

We offer an efficient and innovative range of services:
  •     Labour-market relevant courses of study
  •     A fair cost-benefit relationship for the students
  •     Effective organisation of studies
  •     Communication of first class practical training and project studies
  •     The encouragement of innovative student and lecturer ideas
  •     Internationally recognised qualifications.
We exhibit a high level of quality requirements:
  •     Quality assurance via evaluation and continuous improvement of teaching, research and service
  •     Supporting application-orientated research as a factor for the future of business
  •     Using experts from everyday practice
  •     A customer-orientated promise of performance
We display an intensive commitment to our students:
  •     Individual guidance for each student and small study groups
  •     Strategic selection and support of the students
  •     Building up a national and international network of contacts in colleges and universities
  •     A comprehensive range of services for the students through using our regional contacts
  •     And not least: success-orientated graduate placement