BIOBASE is the leading provider of expert-curated biological databases, software and services for the life sciences. Our products and services identify relations critical to drug and biomarker discovery as well as improve biomedical research by transforming data into scientific knowledge. Our customers resolve information challenges and achieve better outcomes faster.
Today’s researcher is challenged to successfully navigate the resulting flood of data.  BIOBASE provides that solution to biomedical research and offer the scientific results gathered by generations of dedicated scientists.  BIOBASE offers a well-structured data, assembled by highly qualified subject-matter experts, organized in an accessible and easily searchable manner that enables researchers to identify connections between disparate pieces of information and to apply that knowledge to their specific topic of interest.

BIOBASE was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Wolfenbüttel, Germany, with branch offices in the USA, India and Japan.  BIOBASE serves more than 600 customers worldwide, including pharmaceutical, academic and research institutions.