Bergonié Cancer Institute

Scientific research at the Bergonié Cancer Institute covers the full spectrum of cancer research, from studies on tumour biology to clinical trials and epidemiology.

The major research groupings are tumour biology, clinical research, health psychology and epidemiology. Currently, information is only available in English on tumour biology.

The basic scientists are integrated into an INSERM unit whose goal is to identify and validate new gene signatures and drug targets. We approach the problem at three levels: Identification, Preclinical validation and Clinical validation. Individual scientists and clinicians work together in groups mostly based on tumour type:

  • Sarcoma group 
    • Fréderic Chibon
  • Breast cancer group
    • Richard Iggo
    • Michel Longy
  • Functional and mechanistic approaches group
    • Isabelle Soubeyran
    • Laurence Bresson-Bépoldin, Pierre Vacher, Pierre Soubeyran
    • Danièle Montaudon
    • Jacques Robert
    • Mojgan Djavaheri-Mergny