Bergen University College

Welcome to Bergen University College
We are an educational and research institution promoting knowledge development, innovation, culture and lifelong learning.
Our goal is to offer excellent competence, which is sought by students and demanded by society and businesses.
In 2014, Bergen University College will move to a new campus in the city centre of Bergen.

Unique programmes
Some of our educational programmes are unique in Norway – examples are the Bachelor Programme in Subsea Technology and the Master Programme in Evidence-Based Practice in Health.
The broad Teacher Education Programme, which offers an art and culture curriculum as one of the options, is becoming increasingly popular both at national and international levels.
We are committed to educating highly qualified professionals at both Bachelor and Master levels who are conscious of the impact of their professional practice and able to adapt to a changing society. In the future we also intend to offer doctorate programmes at all faculties.

Our dedicated role in community development makes us an important partner for local authorities, as well as for industry, hospitals, health- and social care institutions, schools, kindergartens, and art and culture institutions.

We collaborate closely with a wide range of institutions through student projects as well as larger research projects. Foreign students and researchers are all welcome to participate in our local partnerships.

Partnerships worldwide
Bergen University College collaborates with universities, research institutes and organisations at national and international level. Our international cooperation with educational institutions is of great value, and we have established formal partnerships with institutions worldwide.

Education crossing borders is the key to mutual understanding and to change attitudes to race, religion and gender. It is through education we can create an open mind, hope for the future, fight poverty and give all citizens a dignified life.

That is the main reason why we challenge, inspire and support our students as individuals to grow intellectually and personally. We believe in education and research as crucial means in democracy and peace processes.