Bergen Academy of Art and Design

 Bergen Academy of Art and Design (short in Norwegian: KHiB) offers a three year BA and two year MA study programme in the Subject Areas Visual Communication, Furniture- and Spatial Design/Interior Architecture, Photography, Printmaking, Ceramics, Textiles and Visual Arts. KHiB also participates in the national Research Fellowship Programme in the Arts (PhD-level).
There are around 320 students and a staff of around 100, part-time and full-time. KHiB is part of international networks and encourages students to use exchange programmes in their studies. 30% of the academic staff is recruited internationally.

KHiB cooperates with the other institutions of higher education in Bergen: UiB, HiB and NHH through the joint project "Utdanning i Bergen".
Our startegy plan defines importance of our Community Mandate such:
"Bergen Academy of Art and Design is a central arena for education and development in the fields of art and design. The institution shall cultivate new expressions in art and design, promote a high degree of competence in selected fi elds and contribute to innovation and pro fessional development.

Art and design are essential for the formation of tomorrow's society. KHiB shall be active in formulating premises for community development. KHiB shall encourage exchanges with other actors and develop an extensive network of cooperation with relevant partners, both regionally and internationally.

KHiB shall contribute to the fostering of a critical perspective in the general public on art, design and aesthetic values. With a basis in a humanistic tradition, its paramount aims are academic and ethical integrity, freedom of expression and critical reflection."

Five locations in Bergen Centre
KHiB has it's activities in five different buildings and locations on two campus areas in central Bergen (see map below).
New building
There is currently a process of preparing for a new building where the whole KHiB campus can be gathered under one roof. The world reknowned Norwegian Architect office Snøhetta have worked on the project and have revised a second time to meet budget demands from the Ministry of Education.
Estimated time for the new building to be ready is 2016 - if the Ministry allocates the necessary funds.

General information about KHiB
Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) is one of the two independent institutions of higher learning in the visual arts and design in Norway.
Bergen Academy of Art and Design pursues the following objectives:
  • to offer the highest level of education in Norway in the arts and design
  • ensure that training is based on the highest standards in all areas of artistic development, research and practical experience
  • conduct art and design-related R&D
  • increase public awareness of the Academy and its work, promote understanding of art and design, and take an active part in debates on the role of art and design in society both currently and in the future
  • organise further education opportunities
From 1 August 2012 KHiB will have two departments: the Department of Fine Art and the Department of Design. Students can take a three-year Bachelor's degree and a two-year Master's degree in the following areas:
  • Visual Art
  • Interior Architecture
  • Furniture Design
  • Room Design
  • Visual Communications
  • Photography
  • Printmaking
  • Ceramics
  • Textiles