A*Midex (Aix-Marseille Initiative of Excellence)

The Foundation will run the funding allocated to the A*MIDEX project, i.e. close to 26 million euros a year, in order to:

  • implement the projects of the Laboratories of Excellence (« LABEX ») led by Aix-Marseille University and selected in the framework of the Program Investissements d'Avenir ;
  • fund top international level research and higher education projects (emergent, interdisciplinary and innovative) in a progressive perimeter of excellence as described in the project ;
  • recruit high level researchers and contribute to the emergence of world-class research teams;
  • attract promising students in labeled international degrees (Excellence Academy);
  • increase social, economic and cultural partnerships ;
  • strengthen our position as a visible and attractive university as well as the euro-mediterranean identity of our site;
  • develop a human resources policy promoting skills and performance.
Since excellence concerns all of us and will benefit to each of us, the activities of the A*MIDEX Foundation, and those of all IA projects led with our partners on the Aix-Marseille site, aim at moving towards the same global target in the next 10 years: preparing the future by building one of the best sites in research and higher education worldwide.

A*Midex Labex list: 

MEC - Fields: Energy
AMSE - Aix Marseille School of Economics - Fields: Societies - Cultures and Exchanges
BLRI - Brain and Language Research Institute - Fields: Societies - Cultures and Exchanges
SERENADE - Fields: Science and Technology
OTMed - Fields: Environment - Planet – Universe
OCEVU - Fields: Environment - Planet – Universe
ARCHIMEDE - Fields: Science and Technology
ICoME2 - Fields: Energy
INFORM - Fields: Health and Life Sciences
LabexMed - Fields: Societies - Cultures and Exchanges