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Thesis Proposal: Digital Twin of a Drone Launcher used in Sea Rescuing Operations

Publicerad 2023-09-11


Digital Twin, Modeling & Simulation, Continuous Integration & Deployment, Test Systems, Test Automation, Software Development


Automation & Mechatronics Engineering, Computer Science


Digital Twin of a Drone Launcher used in Sea Rescuing Operations


Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS) is a voluntary organization for sea rescuing operations along the Swedish coast and greater lakes. The personnel at SSRS face a multitude of different scenarios while in rescue operation, which requires different types of rescue gear and resources. SSRS and collaborating partners from industry and academia are developing a drone system which shall aid in sea rescuing operations by providing valuable data of the accident. The purpose is for the personnel to receive information on what rescue gear and other resources to bring before leaving shore.

When not in use, the plane-like drone is stored in an enclosure on the drone launching unit. The purpose of this study is to develop a digital twin of the drone launcher to enable shorter lead times and higher quality when developing new features. This can be done by development of:

  • Digital representation/simulation model of the drone launcher.
  • Integration between the control software and digital twin.
  • Integration of the digital twin into the automated testing environment.

Development of the digital twin will require a mix of competences ranging from modeling and simulation to software development.


We are looking for 2 students with a background in mechatronics, software engineering, or equivalent program, who wish to conduct their thesis during the spring of 2024. Applicants shall have experience in modeling and simulation, software development and an interest in learning more about test automation. Applicants shall also have experience from programming languages such as C++ or Python, and it is meritorious to have previous experience from or knowledge of Continuous Integration, Delivery or Deployment, Jenkins, Git and Test Automation.


TechDev is a department at Infotiv who focuses on SW & HW development and test solutions. We currently consist of 70 technical consultants with diverse backgrounds and experience from many technological fields. Our employees use their expertise to provide tailored solutions to all kinds of challenges, ranging from SW development, machine learning and simulations, to project & test management and way of working. One of our key strengths is the friendly atmosphere in our technical community, which provides access to TechDev's collective knowledge through internal collaboration tools and competence leader program, continuously providing updates in the latest tech.


Apply for this thesis via [] no later than 2023-11-21. Assure to attach your resumé and a short summary of why you want to partake in this thesis.

For further information, contact: Michael Nilsson [] +46(0)-76 000 39 60

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