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Sustainable supply chain transportation, Thesis

Publicerad 2022-11-15

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Power Climate Smarter living - that’s our purpose. We are looking for the brightest students to make this happen. Together you will contribute to a fossil free future. You will have a unique position to contribute to our purpose. All we ask from you is to use your Superpowers and share your energy to help us achieve our goal. 

About the thesis

This assignment is co-supervised by the Sustainability department at CAKE and the Strategic Development department at Vattenfall. The results of this thesis will be used in the partnership project Cleanest dirt bike ever | CAKE (

The assignment focuses on Sustainable global supply chain transportation – transportation of goods from manufacturer to assembly plant plays an important role for any company. With majority of the manufacturers being global, the supply chain is highly dependent on transportation. As companies around the word are taking efforts to reduce the emissions, it is important to find a sustainable mode of global supply chain transportation. With various regulations and technologies in the market, the scope of this thesis involved conducting a literature review of the various options at hand by 2025 and 2030 – both similar and different. 

  • Conducting a literature review of existing global supply chain transportation
  • Evaluating potential share of each, roadways, airways and waterways by 2025 and by 2030
  • Scanning all new technologies like sustainable aviation fuel, reducing emissions from shipping, et cetera, and analyzing the market development
  • Diving into the different types of transport for different types of materials or components
  • Conducting a PESTEL (Policy, Environmental, Social, Technologic, Economic and Legal) Analysis of major potential solutions
  • Formulating different scenarios to evaluate the best solutions
  • Estimating each solution with kgCO2 equivalent / tons km
  • Presenting the results to internal and external stakeholders
  • The assignment is preferably for a student pair

Din bakgrund

We are looking for a student to join our journey towards a fossil free future. You are soon to be graduated from your academic studies. You also identify yourself with our principles: active, open, positive and safe.

  • A master student in an Energy related field like Sustainable Energy Engineering or Sustainable Technology, with a very good understanding of sustainability
  •  English as working language

Mer information

  • Start of assignment:15 January to February 2023 with a duration of approx. 20 weeks
  • Location: Stockholm
  • Application – a combined document with your CV and cover letter, and grades are to be submitted in the application.
  • Deadline for application: Submit your application today, recruitment is ongoing.
  • Contact person and supervisor at Vattenfall is:

There are two co-supervisors at Vattenfall and one co-supervisor at Ride CAKE, being

Isabella Pehrsson – Ride CAKE Sustainability: 

Axel Eriksson – Vattenfall Environment:

Colin Stewart – Vattenfall Research & Development:

For questions about the assignment please contact Isabella Pehrsson via mail.


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