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Mechanical engineer

Publicerad 2023-03-19

You will strenghten our existing efforts within COGS (cost of goods sold) togheter with sourcing. We also need to increase our initiatives around filtration where we want to streamline our filter assortment and develop new unique solutions to protect our business in a better way. We also need to spend more hours into our spare parts assortment and how we can make it easier to reuse already existing parts and make sure the existing parts have correct and enough data.

Mechanical engineer, one preferably also with some hydraulic or knowledge on filters. Ability to understand and drive a complete task with several steps.

- Self motivated
- Analythical
- Driven

- Assignment period: 02 april 2023 - 31 december 2023
- Extent: 0%
- Location: Örebro
- Remote work: 0%
- Competence level: 3

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Publicerad: 2023-02-23
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