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Master thesis: A computer vision system ensuring quality of Fetal Scalp Electrodes

Publicerad 2022-11-11

Master thesis: Development of a computer vision system for ensuring quality of Fetal Scalp Electrodes.

Fetal Scalp Electrodes (FSEs) are commonly used during labor to monitor the ECG of the fetus (FECG). The FSE is an invasive electrode that is applied to the scalp of the fetus. The geometry of the spiral electrode is crucial for correct application and reducing the risk of unnecessary harm to the fetus.

The thesis aims to propose a quality control method using computer vision to automatically inspect FSEs after production.

The thesis will contain:

  • Investigation of regulatory requirements for medical device traceability, risk assessment and quality control
  • Image analysis
  • Computer vision
  • Specifying the requirements together with stakeholders
  • Design and development of a computer vision system for quality control of FSE

Applicants: Two master students within Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering or Mechatronics.

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