Embedded C/ C++ development in Skåne

Publicerad 2022-10-07

Grundläggande kvalifikationer

We would love if you posess one or more of the following skills

- You like playing Padel, Badminton, Tennis, Football or maybe some other sport.

- You enjoy socializing with your collegues at a restaurant or perhaps a bar.

- You dont mind too much going on a yearly conference trip to warm countries in mediterranian, such as for example Greece.

- You apprechiate to have a humble and present manager.

If there is a match, then you fulfill the core basic qualifications. If in addition to this you like writing code in C or C++ preferrably in a Linux environment, and you are probably somewhat used to work in modern development environment (Git, Jenkins, CI/CD, Scrum...), then you are probably the exact match to what we are looking for.

We are need both junior and senior developers - so feel free to contact us and we´ll meet up and discuss further.

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