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Curious Software Engineer C/ C++/ Rust and Linux

Publicerad 2023-09-12

At Axis Communications we are passionate about creating a smarter and safer world. That is why we are market leaders in network video and innovators in intelligent security solutions. We have delivered several groundbreaking products and look forward to pioneering many more.

Welcome to your new team!
In this team you will truly know how it is to work in a supportive agile team. We make progress as a team, and we learn from our challenges as a team. We believe in building an open, trusting and supportive environment to be able to have fun and learn whilst delivering great features for our products.

We are an agile team but what does that mean? For us that means that we work with a mindset of testing & trying and being creative. We learn from what doesn't work and try to find new ways of solving the problem. We are a team that collaborates a lot with other teams in the organization. We are also a cross-functional feature team, which means that we have both frontend and UX/UI colleagues in the same team.

As your manager I believe in the power of building a team where the team is the driving force for how we want to work. The team members are the experts and I'm the one supporting and helping along the way so that you can work in the best way possible.

What does your job in the team look like?

  • Coding in C/C++/Rust
  • Analyze, design and develop new functionality for our products
  • Daily stand ups, sprint planning and retros are a given and always with the intent of supporting and learning from what we are doing at the moment
  • The features we develop (many times as Axis applications; ACAPs) can vary and many times we need to learn about new areas and work with other parts of the organization to find our way forward
  • Enjoying your workday with your nice and helpful colleagues

What do we believe you will bring to the team?

  • You are technically curious and enjoy working with C/C++/Rust and Linux!
  • You don't have to have 10+ years of experience but hopefully you have a couple of years of working as a developer.
  • You like solving technical challenges and exploring new ways of doing things.
  • You understand that even though you are a developer there is also a need for some meetings to know how we best work with delivering the features.
  • You are a team player, we like working closely together and helping each other.

Do you want to join the team? Apply now! If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with the recruiting manager Magdalena Cedinger at +46 46 272 1800.

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