Warwick Analytical Sciences Centre (WASC)

Warwick Centre for Analytical Science has become Warwick Analytical Science Centre. A subtle change but more accurately describes what we do.

WASC is the community of scientists at Warwick whose research involves Analytical Science. Specific interests span materials, sensors, molecular analysis, data analysis, modelling, biophysics, structural biology and more—anything where the rigour of needing good data to understand a scientific problem is relevant. Some of us focus on techniques and instrumentation and others on applications.

A key aspect of high quality analytical science is high quality techniques, methodologies and instrumentation. OurAnalytical Capabilities Guide summarizes some of the experimental techniques and instrumentation we have at Warwick.

The Warwick Centre for Analytical Science (W-CAS) was established in October 2008, with the goal of becoming a major national and international hub for research and training in the analytical sciences.

Interests encompass:

Development of a new techniques and instrumentation

  • Development of theory, simulation and statistical methods
  • Broad application of analytical science from the life sciences to the physical sciences, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary topics